welcome back to me haha

yes! naretrieve ko pa itong wordpress ko thanks God hindi gumana ang memory gabz ko wahahahaha


Hey Yah!!!

Finally!! After several months, years passed by I’ve got created my newest B.L.O.G here in WordPress.com, thanks to Sun broadband haha!

BTW, again let me introduce thyself to you….

I am Cherry Mae Gabriel, they call me Cherry but I’d like most is Gabz ^^, (my most popular name in the GM world haha).

I’d love to write and I just 50 stuffs of diaries, devotional notebooks, organizers, and autographs haha,  add also the other blogs of mine in the world wide web.

I’d really miss blogging,this is one of my hobbies for the past few years.. and as a matter of fact I’ve been creating this new blog for 4hrs? hahah

But why blogging?

Not just because I want everybody to read my entries but I also want to glorify God whom gave me the ability to share His Word, His Love to the other bloggers all around the world! ^^,

In Israel Houghton’s song says “IF PAUL AND THE DISCIPLES WISHED HAVE THE INTERNET IN THEIR TIME, THEY WILL TAKE THE GOSPEL ALL OVER THE WORLD”(paraphrase)… that’s why I’d realize and I know most of my friends realized the importance of social media to be a medium to spread the Gospel all over the world.

Well, what other things you will find in GABZ4SHORT?

—i will post all my poems, my favorite christian songs, sites, reviews, testimonials and many more.

Feel free to browse, comment and suggest tips for me to be a better blogger!

The prayer of my heart is “God,use me in different ways.”